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And the ICQ-Crucios just keep on coming [Aug. 22nd, 2007|09:21 pm]
Crucioholics Anonymous



Irishbaz ‎(4:00 PM): hiya becky hows u
BeckyDR ‎(4:02 PM): good and you?
Irishbaz ‎(4:02 PM): im fine thanx what u up 2
BeckyDR ‎(4:02 PM): nothing really, you?
Irishbaz ‎(4:03 PM): not long in from work
Irishbaz ‎(4:12 PM): im in the house on my own ;-( could do with some company lol
BeckyDR ‎(4:13 PM): ok
Irishbaz ‎(4:15 PM): so what would u do if u were here
BeckyDR ‎(4:42 PM): what do you mean?
Irishbaz ‎(4:43 PM): if u were here with me what would u wanna do - to keep me company
BeckyDR ‎(4:45 PM): just hang out I guess
Irishbaz ‎(4:47 PM): that would be cool
BeckyDR ‎(4:47 PM): oh good, for a second there I thought you were thinking sexually
Irishbaz ‎(4:50 PM): nope - if we got on well together and liked each other then who knows what could happen
Irishbaz ‎(4:51 PM): but thats not what i meant
BeckyDR ‎(4:51 PM): good
Irishbaz ‎(4:51 PM): i like u becky, u sound very nice - i meet some people on here who are prats
Irishbaz ‎(4:52 PM): but u dont come across as that
BeckyDR ‎(4:54 PM): thanks you sound nice as well
Irishbaz ‎(4:55 PM): thanx
Irishbaz ‎(4:56 PM): ur my new american friend
BeckyDR ‎(4:56 PM): thanks
Irishbaz ‎(4:58 PM): i would like 2 get u know u well becky
BeckyDR ‎(4:59 PM): me too
Irishbaz ‎(4:59 PM): ask me anything u want
Irishbaz ‎(5:09 PM): 2 get to know me i mean
BeckyDR ‎(5:11 PM): well I'm bisexual...is that ok with you?
Irishbaz ‎(5:12 PM): why wouldnt it b
BeckyDR ‎(5:12 PM): just making sure you weren't homophobic (against GLB people)
Irishbaz ‎(5:12 PM): just because u like women as well as men then - its ur choice
Irishbaz ‎(5:13 PM): which wud or do u prefer
BeckyDR ‎(5:14 PM): I actually don't have a preference (have only gone all the way with guys so far)
Irishbaz ‎(5:14 PM): how far have u went with a women
BeckyDR ‎(5:16 PM): kissing with tongue, and I've had cyber-sex with women and fantasized about going all the way with them
Irishbaz ‎(5:16 PM): on here u mean
BeckyDR ‎(5:17 PM): well here and on MSN and AIM
Irishbaz ‎(5:17 PM): did u njoy cybering
BeckyDR ‎(5:18 PM): yep, of course
Irishbaz ‎(5:18 PM): stop me if u dont wanna answer something wont u
BeckyDR ‎(5:21 PM): of course
Irishbaz ‎(5:21 PM): when u cyber do u play
BeckyDR ‎(5:22 PM): with myself you mean? no because I can't type with one hand
Irishbaz ‎(5:22 PM): do u wait until after
BeckyDR ‎(5:23 PM): yep
Irishbaz ‎(5:23 PM): have u ever cybered with a man
BeckyDR ‎(5:23 PM): yep
Irishbaz ‎(5:24 PM): equally enjoyable
BeckyDR ‎(5:27 PM): oh yes
Irishbaz ‎(5:27 PM): im the one asking all the questions ask away
Irishbaz ‎(5:28 PM): ask anything u want
BeckyDR ‎(5:29 PM): I forget if I asked you this, how old are you?
Irishbaz ‎(5:29 PM): 29
Irishbaz ‎(5:31 PM): who intiated the cyber - u or him or her
Irishbaz ‎(5:33 PM): iv cybered in the past myself
BeckyDR ‎(5:33 PM): I'm 26 and what is your name? not sure if I asked
Irishbaz ‎(5:34 PM): barry - u can call me barry, baz or anything u like
BeckyDR ‎(5:34 PM): oh ok
BeckyDR ‎(5:35 PM): and about the cyber, sometimes I initiated it and sometimes the other person did
Irishbaz ‎(5:35 PM): did and does it turn on
BeckyDR ‎(5:36 PM): of course well, actually not as much anymore, now that I've had the real thing
Irishbaz ‎(5:37 PM): when did u last have the real thing
BeckyDR ‎(5:37 PM): last year
Irishbaz ‎(5:37 PM): u got toys
BeckyDR ‎(5:41 PM): nope, you? and when was the last time you had the real thing?
Irishbaz ‎(5:41 PM): nope i use my hands - a few months ago
BeckyDR ‎(5:42 PM): ok - any kinks or fetishes?
Irishbaz ‎(5:43 PM): like seeing things i sudnt like say u and me worked together and u bent over and i saw ur underwear that wud turn me on
BeckyDR ‎(5:44 PM): no, I don't mean like that
Irishbaz ‎(5:44 PM): love giving oral sex
BeckyDR ‎(5:44 PM): I mean like, are you into spanking or bondage or anything like that
Irishbaz ‎(5:44 PM): u mean like s and m or being tied up
Irishbaz ‎(5:45 PM): i dont mind being tied up, will try most things at least once
Irishbaz ‎(5:46 PM): what about u
BeckyDR ‎(5:46 PM): nope, I just prefer regular sex
Irishbaz ‎(5:47 PM): as i cant see u - what u wearing - what color r ur eyes - hair colour length etc
BeckyDR ‎(5:53 PM): why do you want to know what I'm wearing, am I turning you on?
Irishbaz ‎(5:54 PM): yep u r - and u know it
Irishbaz ‎(5:55 PM): sorry
Irishbaz ‎(5:58 PM): hope i havent offended u becky
Irishbaz ‎(5:59 PM): that wasnt my intension
BeckyDR ‎(6:00 PM): oh no, you haven't offended me so, what kind of work do you do?
Irishbaz ‎(6:01 PM): im a civil servant and a part time nurse i work for the dept within the government and a part time nurse
Irishbaz ‎(6:02 PM): i didnt offend u - but ur not answering it lol
BeckyDR ‎(6:03 PM): sorry, I'm reading
Irishbaz ‎(6:03 PM): ok
BeckyDR ‎(6:05 PM): Oh, and by the way...CRUCIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!