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A combo AIM/MSN Crucio! - Crucioholics Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A combo AIM/MSN Crucio! [Sep. 21st, 2007|02:52 pm]
Crucioholics Anonymous



BeckyDRick (1:55:24 PM): hey sup boo? it's BeckyDR from blackplanet
JR8536 (1:55:05 PM): hey wsup
BeckyDRick (1:55:39 PM): nada here, you?
JR8536 (1:55:18 PM): same ame
JR8536 (1:55:21 PM): same*
BeckyDRick (1:56:02 PM): hey who's your football/baseball team?
JR8536 (1:55:49 PM): cowboys..o's
JR8536 (1:56:33 PM): :)
Auto Response from BeckyDRick (1:57:05 PM): doing laundry bbs
JR8536 (1:56:57 PM): im guessing ur a deadskins fans?
JR8536 (1:56:59 PM): fan*
BeckyDRick (2:05:41 PM): I don't know if I'd call us the "deadskins" yet, we ARE 2-0
BeckyDRick (2:05:53 PM): and yes I know the Cowpukes are as well, but that won't last
JR8536 (2:06:12 PM): whos ur QB?
BeckyDRick (2:06:47 PM): Campbell
JR8536 (2:06:25 PM): OVERRATED
JR8536 (2:06:30 PM): u havent played anyone good
BeckyDRick (2:07:00 PM): actually that's Romo
JR8536 (2:06:47 PM): hm hun u might wanna go check out the stats..
JR8536 (2:06:51 PM): 6td's
BeckyDRick (2:07:22 PM): oh whatever
JR8536 (2:07:00 PM): cambell as 1 td and 3 int's
BeckyDRick (2:07:30 PM): you know I'm just messing with you
JR8536 (2:07:06 PM): u havent played anyone with an offense
BeckyDRick (2:07:48 PM): and anyway at least you're an O's fan
JR8536 (2:07:26 PM): yeah but i honestly get real mad when redskins fans talk shit..thinking there team is the best every single year
BeckyDRick (2:08:02 PM): oh, sorry about that
BeckyDRick (2:08:09 PM): I was just trying to talk some friendly smack
JR8536 (2:08:08 PM): yeah i know its ok
JR8536 (2:08:10 PM): it just gets annoying
JR8536 (2:08:14 PM): i hear that shit all the time
JR8536 (2:08:21 PM): and about 90% of the skins dont know SHIT
BeckyDRick (2:09:03 PM): well yeah, living in this area you would; are you originally from around here?
JR8536 (2:08:39 PM): i understand being a fan..but ya gotta be realastic
BeckyDRick (2:09:11 PM): I know
BeckyDRick (2:09:21 PM): and actually I do like Romo
BeckyDRick (2:09:28 PM): doesn't mean I want him to win
JR8536 (2:09:12 PM): well hes 10 times better then cambell
BeckyDRick (2:10:03 PM): so are you originally from around here?
JR8536 (2:09:43 PM): yea
BeckyDRick (2:10:34 PM): oh ok me too (but I can speak fluent Spanish and various other languages)
JR8536 (2:10:13 PM): cool
BeckyDRick (2:10:50 PM): can you speak any other languages?
JR8536 (2:10:55 PM): Urdu
BeckyDRick (2:11:37 PM): tum kaise ho? (how are you?)
JR8536 (2:11:18 PM): :)
BeckyDRick (2:11:56 PM): how do you know Urdu?
JR8536 (2:11:45 PM): my parents are from pakistan
JR8536 (2:11:48 PM): i was born here
BeckyDRick (2:12:28 PM): oh cool where in Pak are they from?
JR8536 (2:12:12 PM): Islamabad
BeckyDRick (2:12:39 PM): oh you're an ABCD
BeckyDRick (2:12:42 PM): oh ok
JR8536 (2:12:18 PM): abcd?
BeckyDRick (2:13:01 PM): American Born Confused (or Cool depending on the person) Desi
JR8536 (2:13:20 PM): oh
JR8536 (2:13:37 PM): well im def a smart one..who doesnt follow the dumbest president US has EVER had
BeckyDRick (2:14:07 PM): my friend wants to know who your favorite Cowboy is
BeckyDRick (2:14:13 PM): YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bush Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JR8536 (2:13:48 PM): the guy who helped with 9/11
JR8536 (2:13:50 PM): Roy Williams
JR8536 (2:13:53 PM): hes my favorite player ever
JR8536 (2:14:12 PM): from order its Roy Williams Jason Witten and Terry Glenn
JR8536 (2:14:28 PM): but roy williams is my favorite player..ever-er
BeckyDRick (2:14:57 PM): I think my friend likes Romo (but not necessarily because of his playing, if you know what I mean)
JR8536 (2:14:53 PM): cool
JR8536 (2:14:56 PM): romo is amazing
JR8536 (2:14:59 PM): he can throw
JR8536 (2:15:06 PM): he can run..he can make plays with his legs
JR8536 (2:15:08 PM): and hes young
JR8536 (2:15:16 PM): im glad dallas FINALLY have a QB
BeckyDRick (2:15:47 PM): haha yeah, and a good one
BeckyDRick (2:15:52 PM): he could be the next Troy Aikman
JR8536 (2:15:29 PM): yeah
JR8536 (2:15:43 PM): i dont beleive in Cambell yet..i think he throws INT's too much
BeckyDRick (2:16:52 PM): I actually have to agree with you on that one...but at least he's not as bad a thrower as Daniel "Jorge Armando Ponson" Cabrera
JR8536 (2:16:34 PM): lol
JR8536 (2:16:43 PM): u have anymore pics?
BeckyDRick (2:17:27 PM): well yes but they're pretty much the same (from my webcam)
JR8536 (2:17:11 PM): u have yahoo? or msn?
BeckyDRick (2:18:09 PM): both but I use MSN more
JR8536 (2:17:48 PM): whats ur MSN name
JR8536 (2:17:49 PM): ill add u
BeckyDRick (2:18:35 PM): quisiese@hotmail.com
BeckyDRick (2:18:43 PM): oh and my friend meant who's your favorite O's player
JR8536 (2:18:26 PM): migeul tejada
JR8536 (2:18:29 PM): hes my fav player
JR8536 (2:18:31 PM): period
JR8536 (2:18:39 PM): added
JR8536 (2:19:02 PM): miguel*
BeckyDRick (2:19:32 PM): MIGGY!
BeckyDRick (2:19:34 PM): woot
JR8536 (2:19:14 PM): hes my favorite player ever
BeckyDRick (2:19:41 PM): he's my favorite as well
JR8536 (2:19:18 PM): but i think O's will trade him
JR8536 (2:19:21 PM): O's need to get more help!
JR8536 (2:19:24 PM): it pisses me offfffffff
JR8536 (2:19:36 PM): they have alot of talent..they need more pitching and some more offence
BeckyDRick (2:20:05 PM): haha yep, and they need to get rid of Jorge Armando Cabrera
JR8536 (2:19:59 PM): yea
JR8536 (2:20:12 PM): im gonna get off AIM
JR8536 (2:20:17 PM): i IMed u on msn
BeckyDRick (2:20:46 PM): cool

J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: :)
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: aim gets annoying
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: yeah and you can't use webcam there
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: hah true
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: funny question for ya...
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: wait brb
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: ok
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: ok back
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: u there?
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: yeah I'm here
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: so what did you want to ask me?
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: ok u cant laugh at me
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: but do u have cute toes? LOL
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: why does that matter?
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: cute toes to me is SO hot
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: ......
J.R..."strong...kung fu strong" says: u there?
Beki Gubina-Bodolika says: CRUCIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!